NASEF Scholastic Fellow Program

The NASEF Scholastic Fellow Program provides a professional learning community, mentorship, tools, resources and instructional coaching for educators interested in connecting esports and learning in schools and out-of-school time / community-based organizations across the globe.

We held an info session on Thursday, July 9, 2020. To view, click the link below.

Applications for 2020-21 are now being accepted! Complete your application today! All applications must be submitted using our online submission form by 5:00pm PT | 6:00pm MT | 7:00pm CT | 8:00pm ET on Friday, August 7, 2020 (deadline extended). 

Meet the NASEF Scholastic Fellows from 2019-20!

See their classrooms, learn about what they are doing to bring scholastic esports to their schools, programs and libraries.

Scholastic Fellows, 2019-20

Community Library (Created by Fellows)

Interested in Becoming a NASEF Scholastic Fellow for 2020-21? 

Complete your application today! All applications must be submitted using our online submission form by 5:00pm PT | 6:00pm MT | 7:00pm CT | 8:00pm ET on Friday, August 7, 2020 (deadline extended).

Miss our Info Session? Make Sure to View Our Playback

Chris Aviles with students at esports event
Alex Wurden with students

Who Can Apply

NASEF invites educators interested in connecting academics and gaming through the implementation of NASEF’s State-approved Integrated Curriculum in their classrooms or after-school/out-of-school time programs to apply to become a Scholastic Fellow. All educators working in middle school, high school and community-based organizations are encouraged to apply.

How It Works

The selection process consists of an online application that includes a letter of support from your administrator, an introductory video component, and a follow-up virtual interview. Once selected, NASEF Scholastic Fellows participate in an eight month (October - June) program that provides a specialized Esports Instructional Coach, a Scholastic Mentor, a Professional Learning Community focused on esports and education, lesson plans, resources to support lesson plan development and implementation, leadership development opportunities and a stipend.

Why Apply?

  • 1-2 in-person meetings (Spring 2021 TBD).
  • Monthly virtual meetings (1 hour, October 2020 - June 2021).
  • Development of and use of Flipgrid and Discord Communities.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with your NASEF Scholastic Community colleagues on organizing, modifying, and analyzing lesson plans, planning events, and more.
  • Exposure to specially curated content to support curriculum implementation.
  • Opportunities for peer review and publication of your lesson plans.
  • One-on-one and group coaching with NASEF’s Scholastic Mentors.
  • One-on-one coaching with NASEF’s Instructional Coach.
  • Support in lesson plan organization and modification.
  • Access to NASEF curricula for schools and out-of-school time /
    community-based organizations.
  • Contribute to the NASEF Community Curriculum Library.

Opportunities to collaborate with a leading researcher in gaming and education from the University of California Irvine Connected Learning Lab in a multi-disciplinary study exploring various aspects of how Scholastic Esports integrates into education.

  • Support for NASEF club activation at your school or out-of-school time / community-based organization.
  • Host an esports and learning showcase at your school or out-of-school time / community-based organization.
  • Be showcased at the NASEF Community of Practice - Fall and Spring Convenings.
  • Travel stipends (with approval) to speak at local, regional, and state conferences and professional events.
  • Receive a verified digital NASEF Scholastic Fellow Badge.
  • Recognition on NASEF website / blog / social media.
  • Potential invitation to live NASEF events.
  • Receive a special NASEF Scholastic Fellow polo and other NASEF swag.
  • Be a guest speaker on one of NASEF’s webinars and / or videos.
  • Collaborate on hosting live streams on the NASEF Twitch channel.
  • And much more opportunities to showcase your innovative approach to connecting learning and esports.

Receive a stipend of $2,000 upon completion of the program to help further support your esports and learning efforts.

What Do Fellows Do?

Go through the club activation process on the NASEF website or serve as a Co-General Manager of an existing club. (If you are not already part of a NASEF club)

Implement all or portions of NASEF’s Integrated Curriculum in their classrooms and after-school / out-of-school time programs. NASEF Scholastic Fellows will lead the implementation efforts at their schools or community-based organizations. The Scholastic Mentor and Esports Instructional Coach will work with each Fellow to determine lesson plan implementation.

At least one curriculum module must be implemented during the academic year (2020-21).

Receive one-on-one and group coaching with NASEF’s Scholastic Mentor and Esports Instructional Coach (at least twice a month, in person or virtually).

Collect and share artifacts of your work during the school year.

Contribute one curriculum module to NASEF Community Curriculum Library.

Welcome and receive visitors into the classroom or after-school / out-of-school time programs to observe your lessons (in-person or virtually).

Facilitate a capstone project to be showcased at the end of the year (i.e. Host an in-person or virtual showcase highlighting your successes).

Submit a brief academic year end report to NASEF.

  • Attend 1 Scholastic Community Virtual Kick-Off (September 2020 TBD).
  • Attend 1-2 in-person meetings (TBD).
    • Note: Date and time will be determined based on COVID-19 travel restrictions prioritizing the safety and security of our educators.
  • Attend monthly professional learning community virtual meetings
    (1 hour, November - May 2020).
  • Post monthly Flipgrid videos and share your feedback (1 video post per month, 2 video replies per month).
  • Collaborate with other NASEF Scholastic Fellows / Mentors.
  • Work together on organizing, modifying, and analyzing lesson plans.
  • Attend 1 “End of Year” Celebration (June 2021 TBD).

Present your work at regional, state and national conferences, events, and meetings (at least 1 between November - June 2020).

Participate in live streams, interviews, and webinars (as requested).

Publish a blog post or article on the NASEF website (as requested).

Engage as an active member of social media (e.g., #esportsEDU on Twitter).

Wear your NASEF polo and other NASEF swag.

Application Process

Steps to the Application

Things to Keep in Mind

  • We highly encourage you to download the Application Packet and review the responsibilities and time commitment expectations for Fellows.
  • The application consists of the following parts:
    • Application Information
    • Curricular Focus Area
    • Learning Environment & Teaching Style
    • Becoming a NASEF Scholastic Fellow
    • Interest in Scholastic Esports
    • Supplemental Material: Leadership Support Letter
    • Record your video in our Flipgrid.
  • The entire application including all questions and supplemental materials are provided in the Application Packet.
  • The Application Portal will require you to create a username and password, so you can save and return to your application.
    • We encourage you to work in a Word or Google doc and when ready, create your account for our application portal and copy your responses. Alternatively, you can use the "Save and Return" button in the Application Portal.
    • In addition, you can upload your Leadership Support letter into the Application Portal.
  • For Flipgrid, if you do not have an account, you can set-up a free account on Flipgrid. Learn more.


Key Dates

  • June 14, 2020: Application opens
  • July 9, 2020: Informational Session: Playback Available Above
  • August 7, 2020: Application closes
  • August 30, 2020: Selection notifications
  • September 2020: Scholastic Fellow Kick-Off Call (TBD)
Jodi Mahoney at esports event

Application Packet (PDF)

Application Portal (Start or Resume)

For any questions, please contact us at

Morgan with his program
Melton with his students