Sanjay Kumar Bhagat


  • Title: American Spaces Program Specialist
  • School / Organization: U.S. Embassy New Delhi
  • Grade Level(s): Youth
  • Location: New Delhi, India
Sanjay Kumar Bhagat

Sanjay Kumar Bhagat works as American Spaces Program Specialist with the U.S. Embassy New Delhi. Sanjay has been in the area of Public Diplomacy for more than 17 years now. Prior to the U.S. Embassy, he worked in the area of information research & analysis and content creation—both in government and in corporate set up. Sanjay has majored in Life Sciences, Information Science, Library & Information Science, and a PG Diploma in Marketing Management. He speaks English, Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Maithili, some French, and a bit of Hungarian. When off serious work, he loves public speaking, networking with people, driving on hills, and photography.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I love the concept of tapping on the inherent interest of today's youth in active gaming and modulating constructive leadership and learning activities onto it to channelize their energy in a positive and productive way. I believe that the NASEF Scholastic Fellowship will give me the needed platform to network and learn from the stalwarts in the field, which will immensely help me start the eSports Club in the American Spaces across India and collaborate with our counterparts in the South Asia region.

What is your favorite game?

I am not an active gamer in today’s date but I love seeing my son build his farm on Minecraft and I would love to pick up on some of the games from him and my counterparts to choose my best one soon.