Rene Barge

High School Fellow

  • Title: Lead Magnet Teacher
  • School / Organization: iTECH Academy, Miami Springs Senior High School
  • Grade Level(s): 9-12th
  • Location: Miami Springs, FL
Rene Barge

Rene Barge’s is an educator and artist uniquely positioned within the confluence of computing, science and engineering, design, and the arts. He earned a BFA at Florida International University under the guidance of the American feminist media artist and pioneer, critic, and educator, Christine Tamblyn. Opting for an alternative to a institutional degreed learning experience, he continued learning and producing at the interdisciplinary Sound Arts Workshop, Miami, FL, where in 2005 he became custodian of the National Endowment of the Arts Access to Artistic Excellence Grant. The goal was to deliver cutting edge technology to underserved high school students. Fast-forward fourteen years, Rene Barge continues to deliver emerging creative paradigms to underserved high school students that produce visually compelling, immersive, interactive stories. He is now director and educator for iTECH Academy’s STEAM integrated, video game development, eSports and robotics magnet program for M-DCPS at Miami Springs Senior High.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

NASEF’s eSPorts platform transcends traditional sports and plays a critical role bringing all people together to play and learn. NASEF is inclusive to all student gender, race and ethnicity. It is inclusive to students with social and emotional challenges, physical and cognitive disabilities and intersectional students too. NASEF is positive!