Nevine Asfour


  • Title: Computer Science Teacher/Head of IT Department
  • School / Organization: Alexandria international school
  • Grade Level(s): 6-9th
  • Location: Cairo, Egypt
Nevine Asfour

Nevine Asfour is currently a Head of IT Department of CPC/Pre-IG Alexandria International School , as well as Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert, Microsoft trainer, Merge ambassador, teach SDGs ambassador, Minecraft Mentor, Microsoft Certified , Wakelet Ambassador and Cospaces EDU ambassador. Nevine’s teaching interests include programming, coding, computer science and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) .Nevine has excelled in training the teachers on how to use Learning Management Systems (LMS) and a variety of other educational online programs and software. She was greatly honored to be a part of the Educational Exchange that took place in Paris in 2019. That, granted her an outstanding opportunity to be able to train a large number of teachers. She graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, One of Nevine’s most important beliefs and mottos in life is that education is a human right that should be granted to everyone and she considers it a magical pathway in the process of each country’s development. In 2020, and adding up to her enormous achievements, she was honored to receive the award of Outstanding Achievement from Microsoft and the Ministry of Education. She is honored to be part of Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Dubai 2020. Moreover, she proudly represented Middle East in the North American Scholastic Federation Competition 2020 NASEF Minecraft Masters Global Competition.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

As computer science teacher and head of IT . I am responsible for students from grade 1 till grade 9 using IGCSE curriculum. My life changed when I started using coding in games like Minecraft . I taught java script and python and practice in Minecraft. I joined NASEF competition last year . My students never forgot this experience and they keep asking about NASF competition I hope I can go through it again . More over being using your curriculum and connect across the world that's what my students need . I am proud to be part of NASF

What is your favorite game?

Minecraft Education Edition