Mary Atherton

NASEF Scholastic Mentor

  • Title: Senior Assistant Curriculum Leader for Mathematics
  • School / Organization: Carmel College
  • Grade Level(s): 6-12th
  • Location: Darlington, UK
Mary Atherton

Maths teacher at Carmel College, Darlington, UK. I started our esports club in 2017 and met with real enthusiasm from our students. I coordinate and supervise matches and our esports club at lunch and after school.

What are your strengths and unique aspirations as a NASEF Scholastic Mentor?

I have considerable experience of being a mentor to others and I have my experience of being a Fellow during 2020-21 to draw on. From being a fellow I have a community of experts that I belong to. esports is missing from the curriculum in many countries and mainstream cultures frown on computer gaming so my principal aspiration is to be able to support other Fellows to help us all to make progress in addressing those two challenges.

What do you hope to accomplish for your professional development by becoming a Scholastic Mentor?

I will learn about the experiences and lives and challenges of other Fellows. I will have the opportunity to be of help to them as they puzzle out their path through the obstacles they face. I'll be able to reflect on these new experiences of mentorship and amend my practice as a consequence. My experience of mentoring in the past has always been in a domain where I have had considerable expertise so this will be very new for me and I'm really looking forward to this

What is your favorite game?

Guild Wars 2