Marta Anderson


  • Title: Math Teacher/Esports Coach
  • School / Organization: Del Norte High School
  • Grade Level(s): 9-12th
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Marta Anderson

This is my 18th year in education. I can remember playing pinball machines as a kid as well. Trying to make a quarter last at least 30 minutes. Then video arcades in high school. One of my favorites was Star Wars by Atari with the seat and enclosure. I tried to be the best Jedi Fighter ever. When the opportunity came up to offer an esports program. I leaped at the opportunity. This is Del Norte’s 3rd year and I am proud to be the esport coach with a winning record and have two 3rd place state finishes last year.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

As a NASEF Fellow I hope to expand my knowledge in coaching esports and grow Del Norte’s Esports Program to be a global leader in scholastic esports. Over the last couple of years Del Norte Esports has grown from 15 gamers to this year teaching an esports elective as well as a gaming lab with over 17 machines, over 30 gamers, team magers, streamers, shoutcasters, and media specialists.

What is your favorite game?

Right now my favorite game is hard to say, I play many games depending on the platform. Right now the game I spend the most time on is Animal Crossing. My Oculus is so much fun. But if it is a mobile game then Angry Birds Friends, on PC Rocket League and recently I started playing LOL I might have about 100 hours in and still feel like a noob.