Lindy Meiser

NASEF Scholastic Mentor

  • Title: Director of Curriculum & Instruction
  • School / Organization: eSports Texoma
  • Location: Pottsboro, Texas
Lindy Meiser

Earth Science/Engineering major, but in general a ridiculously awesome fountain of random knowledge. 3D printing educator. Game addict for as long as I can remember. I may work in a library, but I am anything but a librarian. One day I'll make up an awesome title that encompasses my job. That day will probably always be tomorrow.

What are your strengths and unique aspirations as a NASEF Scholastic Mentor?

I am used to brainstorming in development in large groups, so working in smaller ones has proven to be much easier and obviously more personal. These projects really turn into a labor of love and I respect what they mean to each individual. I will be keeping them moving this year and I will bust through awkward silence and non-participation like the Kool-Aid man. Team incentives and motivation was a large part of my career before the library and esSports Texoma, so not a problem at all.

What do you hope to accomplish for your professional development by becoming a Scholastic Mentor?

I just hope to spark inspiration for as many people as possible and encourage them to dream big. I am more concerned about their professional development than my own. I want them to take what they learn, be bold, and if they change the course of even one child's life for the better, then I am happy.

What is your favorite game?

Diablo II