Leonard Moreno

Middle School Fellow

  • Title: Teacher/Adviser
  • School / Organization: Academies of the Antelope Valley
  • Grade Level(s): 6-12th
  • Location: Lancaster, CA
Leonard Moreno

I am of the Nintendo generation, so I believe strongly that video games have always taught me something. I have played video games from my first PC in the 80's (including consoles) to my current interest with virtual reality games. I was a semi-pro player with the original Starcraft and Unreal Tournament series. In my 20 years as an educator, I have always used video game in my classroom. For recruiting/retention back in the LAN days to the mid-2000's, where I held a summer esport class in which the grandfather of gaming Jonathan Wendel (Fatal1ty) mentored us. I teach information technology, computer science and design courses.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I want to contribute to the recognition of esports as a tool for learning, aligning to academics alongside the sports model. Many will still argue if esports is a sport, but no one can argue when students are learning relevant skills.