Kalam Neale


  • Title: Curriculum Lead
  • School / Organization: Barnsley College
  • Grade Level(s): 11th, 12th
  • Location: South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Kalam Neale

Within his current role at Barnsley College, Kalam focuses on the quality of education, project management, curriculum developments and engagement with external stakeholders, along with Line Management responsibilities for Esport and Sport in Further Education, League Football & Premier League Football Education, Community Education Programmes, Essential Skills & 14-16 Learning. As a result, Kalam has worked extensively with a wide range of national education providers, bodies, employers and Universities to support the development of esport and sport in education in the United Kingdom. Kalam has worked in a number of roles in Further Education ranging from Teacher, Coach, Assessor, Advanced Practitioner, Course Leader, Lead Internal Verifier, Curriculum Leader and most recently as an Esports Writer, Rater, Vetter, Vocational Trainer & Podcast Host for UK Awarding Body - Pearson. His work within esport encompasses facility design and development, revenue modelling, esports business research, project management and esports curriculum design. This is complemented by recent work with the British Esports Association, guest speaking at national conferences and as host of the Pearson Esports Podcast. Kalam was instrumental in setting up and designing Barnsley College’s Esports Study Programme, Esports Facility and Esports Academy, the first of its kind in the U.K.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I have a passion and drive to continue to develop esport in education through collaborating with others, sharing best practice and learning from international curriculum models. I look forward to sharing our model and implementing to change to our curriculum in the UK to continue to shape the national esports curriculum and provide opportunities for young people to progress into future careers.

What is your favorite game?

FIFA & Rocket League. Being from a sporting background, these are two games that a high number of our students love to play and can relate to. I love to see how elements of teamwork, communication and strategy develop in such a short space of time.