Jodi Mahoney

Middle School Fellow

  • Title: Technology Teacher
  • School / Organization: Carl Von Linne Elementary
  • Grade Level(s): 6-8th
  • Location: Chicago, IL
Jodi Mahoney

I am a technology teacher at Carl Von Linne Elementary in Chicago, Illinois. One of my passions is helping students develop technology skills in an environment that challenges them to experiment and take risks, and sometimes step outside their comfort zone to discover their amazing potential. I teach a weekly technology class for K-6 graders. My elective classes for middle school students include Coding and Robotics, Esports, Photography, and Production Studio.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I chose to be a NASEF Scholastic Fellow because it will be a life changing opportunity for my students to benefit from the coaching, curriculum, resources and instruction they will experience in this program.