Ignacio Vargas


  • Title: Assistant of Academic Services
  • School / Organization: Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano
  • Grade Level(s): 12th
  • Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Ignacio Vargas

My name is Ignacio Vargas, I majored in TELF, but I am now working as an Assistant of Academic Services at Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano. In 2021, I enrolled in a master’s in English Language Teaching with Emphasis in Management and Assessment of English Programs at ULACIT. I was born in Costa Rica, however, I spent most of my childhood in Salamanca. Among the memories that I treasure most about that time are the summer days when my family and I would travel around Europe on a van my father purchased shortly after we had stepped foot in Spain. I have always been fond of rock and blues music and storytelling in its multiple formats: books, film, videogames. I strongly believe that there is tremendous power in narratives and that everyone has a story to tell.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I chose to become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow because I think that engaging in this program will grant me the possibility to further explore curriculum design in areas strongly connected to STEAM. I believe as well that there is no more powerful learning experience than immersion and videogames allow students to acquire knowledge while they play. This is a very solid pedagogical principle.

What is your favorite game?

Final Fantasy VIII. It was one of the first videogames I ever played. It's striking graphics and memorable soundtracks, intricate plots and complex characterization makes it one of the greatest games to me.