Garikai Kajau

NASEF Scholastic Mentor

  • Title: Teacher
  • School / Organization: General Smuts High School
  • Grade Level(s): 10th-12th
  • Location: Vereeniging, South Africa
Garikai Kajau

I am an education of Automotive Grade 10, 11 and 12, Physical Sciences Grade 10 and Technology Grade 8 at General Smuts High School in South. In addition to that, I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduate Certificate in Education Specialising in Technical Subjects and Mathematics. Equally important is the fact that I am a strong believer of the fact that as educators we must be life long learners and we should always learn throughout the journey of life. As we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are called upon to also embrace the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. In view of that Esports offers a unique opportunity of preparing our learners for the future job market .In the same vein Esports empowers our learners with intrinsic skills needed to navigate the challenges of life.

What are your strengths and unique aspirations as a NASEF Scholastic Mentor?

2020-2021 was a good learning year for me. I managed to learn a lot of valuable information regarding Esports. Some of the strengths that I have managed to acquire over the years include but not limited to:
1.Value diversity of perspectives
2.Willingness to learn: as a mentor I will also seek to learn from my mentees within the philosophy that as human beings we are lifelong learners. I will also teach and motivate Fellows and provide support as far and as much as is humanely possible.
4.Ability to give constructive and unbiased feedback
5.A good listener

What do you hope to accomplish for your professional development by becoming a Scholastic Mentor?

I hope to build a strong and sustainable club continuing from 2020-2021.It is my strong hope that I will be able to mentor Fellows that will be able to grow clubs in their respective schools and also to always be available for the Fellows in times of professional need. Moreover I hope to participate in the fundraising of clubs with Fellows. The availability of funds is key in the smooth operation of a Scholastic club.

What is your favorite game?

Card Games