Brad Seward

High School Fellow

  • Title: Student Teacher
  • School / Organization: Samueli Academy
  • Grade Level(s): 12th
  • Location: Santa Ana, CA
Brad Seward

My student teaching focuses on 12th grade government/economics, and for esports related classes I assist across grade levels in support of english/esports teachers. My own esports elective course caters to all grades.

I grew up in La Mesa, California (eastern San Diego area) and moved to Irvine, California to pursue my BA in History with a teaching specialization and minor in Spanish at UC Irvine. At UCI I worked as a peer academic advisor and interned with the UC History project which specialized in running workshops for local teachers to provide new progressive and culturally relevant history curriculum. After graduating with honors in 2019, I immediately attended Chapman University to earn a teaching credential and Masters of Arts in Teaching. In Fall of 2019 I began student teaching 12th grade government/economics at Samueli Academy in Santa Ana, California, where I was then hired as esports consultant to assist english/esports curriculum. Within a few months, I took on more esports related responsibilities such as teaching my own intro to esports elective course and joining the NASEF Scholastic Fellows Program.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I joined the NASEF Scholastic Fellows Program because I truly believe that video games and esports deserve a space in education. No longer will video games be shunned and looked down upon as counteractive to education. It is time we as educators bring the field of video games and esports into education, and I am happy to be apart of it by assisting fellow educators get their programs started through NASEF.