Audra Yocom


  • Title: Teacher / Director of Technology Education @ Ken Garff Esports
  • School / Organization: Pleasant Grove High School / Alpine School District / Ken Garff Esports
  • Grade Level(s): 10-12th
  • Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah
Audra Yocom

Audra Yocom is a big Disney fan, if you couldn't tell from the name of her dog (Ellie Tiger-Lily). Audra graduated from a rival school near where she now teaches and was 1 of 6 girls on a state championship swimming team and was also voted the "next Bill Gates" by her classmates. Continuing on to college, she swam for Brigham Young University and pursued a degree in Technology and Engineering Education. Audra is now working on her master's degree from Western Governors University in Information Technology Management. When not thinking about school, Audra is working on fixing up her grandparents' 70-year old house. The kitchen caught fire last September (thanks to her chickens) and she *almost* has it back in working order.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I am a passionate Computer Science & Information Technology educator working to ignite passion in students through unconventional pathways. I am an advocate for creating meaningful opportunities for all students, no matter their background, and to find ways to bridge the gap between public/private industry partnerships.

What is your favorite game?

It varies. I love Rocket League, but I spent a lot of time during quarantine playing Animal Crossing and Zelda BOTW. I'm definitely more of a social gamer, but I have seen how much fun the competitive gaming scene can be for my students and love to advocate and support those opportunities. I think the beauty of gaming is that you don't have to pick a favorite, but there is always something to fit your mood.