Andy Gribbin


  • Title: Director of STEM Education
  • School / Organization: Reach Cyber Charter School
  • Grade Level(s): 6-9th
  • Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Andy Gribbin

Andy Gribbin is the Director of STEM Education at Reach Cyber Charter School in Pennsylvania. In this capacity, he works to help plan and create STEM opportunities within the school. The school supports STEM initiatives in many ways including regularly infusing STEM activities and lessons. The school also holds regular competitions such as the Winter STEM Challenge. As part of the STEM program, Reach Cyber Charter School offers their students the chance to engage in STEM Camps. These STEM Camps include many ways to engage with STEM including opportunities for Esports. Andy has worked in education for more than 20 years. Starting out teaching in Virginia at the former Godwin Middle School, Andy had the opportunity to teach middle school science for many years. After teaching in brick and mortar schools, he joined cyber education about 10 years ago and has had different roles including teaching, family support and administration.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I chose to become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow because I see a need for the unique opportunities that it will afford me to help offer at the school I am lucky enough to be employed.