Alex Keeler


  • Title: Ex-pro Gamer and Ecommerce Expert
  • School / Organization: St Lucie Public Schools
  • Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Alex Keeler

Hey there, my name is Alex Jean Keeler. I'm a 26 year old ex-pro gamer, an MBA graduate at 21 years old, a half- decade experienced business consultant and ecommerce expert, and I come from a family of educators with nearly 2 centuries of teaching under their belts. Through my unique experiences I've been blessed to be able to travel the country and see first hand how gaming can be a powerful community-uniting and learning tool. It was this first hand experience that has propelled me to pivot in a young corporate career and dedicate my resources to serving this goal shared by NASEF. I believe that through the utilization of emerging technology in combination with dedicated educators and the implementation of the worlds fastest growing industry, we have a bright future for our students ahead of us.

Why did you become a NASEF Scholastic Fellow?

I knew that this community of esports-minded educators and technology experts will be the cornerstone of propelling my goal into fruition. I believe it will be this community that breaks through years worth of barriers and will be responsible for finally delivering on our shared vision to cultivate a scholastic esports environment.