Career Technical Education Courses for Grades 8-12th

The field of esports can provide students with the academic and technical skills necessary to succeed in future STEM and non-STEM postsecondary learning opportunities and careers. How can we help prepare those students? What are those career pathways that lead to careers in the field of esports?  

We are currently developing a Career Technical Education curriculum that involves a multiyear sequence of courses for students in grades 9-12th that integrate core academic and technical knowledge with 25 courses. The curriculum is being designed around the four major esports sectors:

  1. Strategists
  2. Organizers
  3. Content Creators, and
  4. Entrepreneurs

The curriculum will provide pathways to at least 15 careers including but not limited to:

  • Event Planner
  • Analyst
  • Fandom Art
  • Marketing
  • Theory Crafter
  • Shoutcaster
  • Streamer
  • Journalist
  • Web Developer and more.

The courses are currently under review with the University of California for high school course approval. We will make them available upon full course approval.

Diagram Citation: Anderson, Tsaasan, Reitman, Lee, Wu, Steele, Turner & Steinkuehler (2018)

If you are interested in implementing the curriculum at your high school and have questions, email us at