Friendships, Failure, and Fun: Three Reasons Why Competitive Gaming Might Be Good for Teens

This webinar takes a personal and practical look at the what competitive gaming has to offer teens. We’ll discuss some of the research on the benefits of competitive gaming for youth and hear from several professional esports players who currently serve as coaches for NASEF—what has competitive play offered them in terms of friendship, failure, and fun? What are the opportunities and risks they see in the sport and what lessons are they sharing with their teams as professional
mentors this season?

Katie Salen, Professor, UCI and Co-Founder Connected Camps
Katie is a Professor in the Department of Informatics at the University of California at Irvine, a member of the Connected Learning Lab, and Chief Designer and co-founder of Connected Camps. Her work focuses on meeting kids where they are at in order to design engaging, play-based experiences that connect interest to opportunity.
Bethany Pyles, NASEF Coaching Coordinator
Bethany has a B.A in anthropology and a minor in sociology. Her interests in societies and cultures continues to fuel her passion for Esports and gaming.
Ryan Hoskins, NASEF Coach
Ryan is a senior at the University of South Florida, a lifelong tutor, counselor, and coach. He hails from a family of 7 kids and has used gaming as a way to connect with family and as an outlet for his competitive side.
Christopher Shell, M.A., RYT-200
Christopher is an esports performance & wellness coach and yoga teacher. He brings his expertise to esports working with pro players, teams, coaches, and managers to bring more mindful practice routines and wellness initiatives to the forefront of professional play.