NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021 - Bi-weekly Live Stream #4

Build the best farm in Minecraft Education, understand global conditions, and compete internationally. A new kind of game where you can compete and learn in an international arena of science and technology. A U.S. Department of State supported science-based, esports event featuring Minecraft challenges and live online events. 

What is Farmcraft?

NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021 is a student challenge to successfully create farms and grow foods in Minecraft! Apply and adapt agricultural production techniques in different unique environmental biomes. Participation is free and open to individuals of all ages, especially grades 3-12 (ages 8-18). 

Our stream will be joined by Cathy Chao-Isaacs and Erik Leitner, our innovative educators supporting the development our Farmcraft challenges, as well as Samantha Anton, Chief Operating Officer for NASEF. Set a reminder to tune in live on YouTube on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 @ 1:00pm PT | 4:00pm ET | 8:00pm GMT (UTC).

For questions, please contact us at info@NASEF.org.