Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Big Build Challenge Announcement Stream

NASEF is sponsoring the first-ever digital Rube Goldberg Machine Contest for students to creatively design fun chain-reaction contraptions. A Rube Goldberg Machine accomplishes a simple task in a complicated way and builds STEM, STEAM and engineering skills. The contest is free to all students nationally and internationally during this time of digital and remote learning.

The 2021 RGMC Big Build Challenge

In this stream, we will be officially announcing the 2021 digital Rube Goldberg Machine Contest Big Build Challenge. Find out what objective your team will need to accomplish using simple machines, creativity, humor and Minecraft. We also will be announcing the winners of our Levers mini-challenge after returning from our winter holiday recess! 


Final Submissions for the RGMC Big Build Challenge will be due to Flipgrid on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 @ 5:00pm PDT | 8:00pm EDT | 11:59pm GMT (UTC). 

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