Helping develop an esports Club is a core component of the North America Scholastic Esports Federation. As we have seen, an esports Club can provide a variety of learning opportunities for high school students in a fun, comfortable, peer-to-peer environment. For example, an esports Club might focus on coordinating esports competitions or events, which would enable students interested in organizing events, creating a social media campaign, practicing their game announcing skills as a shoutcasting, etc.

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation will provide key resources and guides in ways to help you and your students develop your esports Club.

Season One Clubs

Brea Olinda High School
Capistrano Valley High School
Corona del Mar High School
Cypress High School
Edison High School
El Dorado High School
El Toro High School
Esperanza High School
Fountain Valley High School
La Habra High School
La Quinta High School
Laguna Hills High School
Los Alamitos High School

Magnolia High School
Mater Dei High School
Mission Viejo High School
Samueli Academy
San Clemente High
Sunny Hills High School
Troy High School
Valencia High School
Western High School
Westminster High School
Woodbridge High School
Yorba Linda High School

My teammates contributed a tremendous amount of hard work and motivation, not just for the team but also for the club as well. I appreciate these four people for working with me throughout the season and they have been really understanding and caring. Even if we are losing in games, they stay positive and I admire that kind of mentality...
-High School Esports Club Member
With the new club forming this year, she has showed immense consideration for the club. From promoting the club through a variety of ideas and many pictures taken to show what the games have been like, she also supported the teammates by going to tournaments and playoffs to wish them good luck!
-High School Esports Club Member
...He is the most invested player on the team, always wanting to win, always wanting to improve the team. He supported all of his teammates through lows and highs. He would always keep pushing the team forward and motivate them to do better as a player and as a team.
-High School Esports Club Member
We developed an entire esports group at our high school, with streaming events held in the cafeteria, shoutcasters, etc. We've had students making promotional flyers for us, and our admin has been super supportive with social media outreach, etc. In fact, our esports players are more well known than the football players this year. :)
-High School Esports Club Member