Who is the General Manager?

For NASEF, we consider the adult advisor to the esports clubs as the General Manager (GM).  GMs play a vital role and are not required to have expertise in the game being played.  As the GM, you will be the adult responsible for supervising a group of students and provide the management necessary to make sure that all of the moving parts of the team are connecting.  All GMs must be under the employment of the school district or the community-based organization, or otherwise approved by the Board of Trustees (within their country, state or municipality). We have GMs who are school librarians, high school biology teachers, after-school program directors, high school principals, and more.  

General Managers (GMs) have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in one of two orientation events that provide an overview of the federation, club cultivation, competition, curriculum, coaching and more. 
  • Facilitate the creation of a club charter, following the processes described at the orientation event and included within your GM toolkit.
  • Collect and organize all student and parent forms. The student and parent packet will require you to verify their initial eligibility for club participation.
  • Commit to supervising one club meeting each week.
  • Provide feedback that can be used for development of the Federation.
  • Work with site administration or executive director to find a new General Manager, in cases where you are no longer able to serve. Identify additional General Managers who can additionally support the club.
  • If the NASEF club opts to participate in the competitive league, the GM will additionally:
    • Commit to supervising one 2-hour practice each week;
    • Commit to attending and supervising students at Federation weekly matches;
    • Commit to attending and supervising students at Federation competitions;
    • Consult with the virtual coach, as needed, with respect to players and team dynamics; and
    • Verify player eligibility at the outset of the competitive league and before any Federation competitions

How NASEF Supports General Managers

As an educator who is an avid gamer or maybe completely new to esports, NASEF provides supports and resources to help General Managers.

Club Management: NASEF Club Dashboard (login required)

  • Once a club is activated, a GM can access the Club Dashboard which includes toolkits on how to cultivate your club, introduction to esports, introduction to different roles within the club (from executive committee to shoutcasters to organizers, etc.). The Club Dashboard is also where you as the advisor will opt into tournaments, sign-up for extra credit tournaments, create your club member list, complete your members' consent forms, and more. It's our hub for your club management.


  • We have a dedicated Educator Discord for all GMs. Once your club is activated, we will invite you or you can email us info@NASEF.org for the invitation. New to Discord? View our Toolkit for information.
  • We also send out emails, so make sure to include our domain , "nasef.org" and our primary email, "info@nasef.org" in your allowable emails, so you don't miss out on any updates!

Supporting Educators in the Scholastic Esports Community

GM Network

Join fellow General Managers across North America!

We host monthly networking calls for all GMs on the first Thursday of each month. We invite all GMs to share best practices, struggles and successes together on these calls. Past topics have included: Running clubs on a shoestring budget; ways to engage students; how to work with your administration. 

GM Network: Register for the Next Call!

Office Hours

Join Kevin Brown, NASEF's Esports Program Specialist

NASEF weekly Office Hours provide GMs the opportunity to learn about a variety of scholastic esports topics, ask questions and get answers! Kevin Brown is your guide to all things NASEF clubs, and is ready to help address your questions about your esports club.

Office Hours are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube, also accessible via the link below.

Office Hours: Register for the Next Call!

General Managers Supporting Their Students

On top of being AP teacher at our school, she takes the time to stay after school for our games and practices. On top of this, she is always monitoring us during practices and our games. She always communicates to us whenever we have to schedule a match the second that schedules are released. Without her, our team wouldn't have been as successful.
He seeks for any opportunity that will benefit anyone in the program and looks to help us reach to above and beyond. He is a busy man yet he finds time for us even though the league is still small he invests a lot of time for us and the players. Although he may not know much about competitive league, that doesn't stop him from being so gung-ho on our success and honestly is one of the best GM a student/member could ask for.

If you're interested in serving as a General Manager for an esports club at a high school or community-based organization and have questions before you activate your esports club, email us info@NASEF.org.