NASEF-JAPAN hosts “NASEF EXTRA Apex Legends Tournament #1” starts on March 1 2021 online.

NASEF-JAPAN hosts the very popular battle royal game – Apex Legends – with high school students in Japan. This is first trial for NASEF JAPAN as casual style scrim matches. All participants must be over 17 years old to meet the Japanese regulations. The final match is scheduled on March 12.

NASEF JAPAN will hold a first symposium – NASEF JAPAN International Esports Summit 2021 - on March 20

NASEF JAPAN will hold “NASEF JAPAN International Esports Summit 2021” on March 20. We have invited Dr. Constance Steinkuehler from NASEF, Mr. Kasahara CLARK High School, Mr. Komatsu Anan Technical High School, and other guest speakers to discuss the “Esports x Education” theme. In Japan, we are facing a lot of issues in a tough situation; we are seriously thinking about how to make a new future for high school students by using “Esports.”

Key agenda:

  1. Esports status and NASEF JAPAN’s activities – Hiro Naito
  2. Case studies of next generation scholastic education and opportunities in Japan – Dr. Constance Steinkuehler
  3. Panel discussion – Mr. Kasakura, Mr. Komatsu, Mr. Ohura, Mr. Matsubara
  4. Introduction of NASEF US – Yoshi Tsuboyama
  5. Case study of scholastic esports at Seisa International high school – Mr. Ohashi
  6. English education by esports – Mr. Makabe, Mr. Murata
  7. Future of NASEF JAPAN – Aki Matsubara

NASEF and the Japan High School Esports Federation announce an exciting collaboration!

NASEF will now collaborate with the Japan High School Esports Federation (JHSEF) to expand the international environment for high school students through esports and to engage in activities that foster the internationality of the next generation.

Through this agreement, the organizations will work together to promote esports as an educational platform for high school students in the U.S. and Japan, establish goals and commitments related to the development of educational knowledge and technology through esports, and create a cooperative system to support such activities effectively and efficiently.


  1. For high school students in the U.S. and Japan, education programs such as exchange study, overseas training, and short-term training designed primarily for esports will be provided.
  2. Seminars and symposiums related to esports and education for the next generation will be held in the U.S. and Japan.
  3. Educators between the U.S. and Japan will exchange information, visit each other's academic institutions, and conduct joint research.
(C) Japan High School Esports Federation

(C) Japan High School Esports Federation

Japan High School Esports Federation (JHSEF) was established in 2019 as an organization to develop Esports as a new educational culture in which many people can challenge in a fair manner regardless of gender, disability, physical ability, etc., to create an environment in which high school students, who represent a new generation, can grow, and to create educational opportunities.

The Federation was established to provide a wide range of local and global communication opportunities to learn Esports as a new tool for the next generation of education, as well as an environment for acquiring related knowledge and experience.

Kimito Kubo, President of JHSEF and Kevin Brown, NASEF Esports Program Specialist

Kimito Kubo, President of JHSEF and Kevin Brown, NASEF Esports Program Specialist

NASEFと日本一般社団法人 全国高等学校eスポーツ連盟はエキサイティングなコラボレーションを発表します!


この協定により、組織は日米の高校生向けの教育プラットフォームとしてeスポーツを促進し、eスポーツを通じた教育知識と技術の開発に関連する目標とコミットメントを確立し、eスポーツを支援する協力システムを作成するために協力します 効果的かつ効率的に活動。





日本高校スポーツ連盟(JHSEF)は、性別、障害、身体能力などに関係なく多くの人々が環境を創造するために公正な方法で挑戦できる新しい教育文化としてのスポーツを発展させる組織として2019年に設立されました 新しい世代を代表する高校生が成長し、教育の機会を生み出すことができます。


Disclaimer: Use of Private Information

The Japan High School Esports Federation recognizes the importance of personal information acquired in business and strives to protect it appropriately based on the following guidelines:

  • The acquired personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without obtaining the consent of the person, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.
  • Strictly store and manage the acquired personal information, and take appropriate security measures to protect it against leakage to the outside and leakage, destruction, and alteration due to fraud.
  • Within the scope of the purpose of use, the acquired personal information may be entrusted to a subcontractor that has signed a confidentiality agreement for personal information.
  • If you wish to correct or delete your personal information, please contact the Japan High School Esports Federation.

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